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Tel: (495) 629-30-52
Tel: (495) 629-29-48
We are in practice since 1937.

Succession cases
Maritime cases
Matrimonial matters
Legal assistance and notarization of real property bargains, including those made abroad
Arrangement and legal support of corporate business in Russia
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Tel: (495) 629-30-52 Tel: (495) 629-29-48


About our Company


Founded in Moscow in 1937, Iniurcolleguia nowadays is one of the major and prominent law firms practicing both Russian and International Private Law.

Specialized Chamber of Lawyers “Iniurcolleguia” nowadays reorganized into Iniurcolleguia, Attorneys-at-Law, in compliance with the Federal Law “On legal Practice and Bar of Lawyers in the Russian Federation” is its assignee with relevant rights.

Attention! Legal Advice Office of Iniurcolleguia, located at: No.2-26a, Simonovsky val, Moscow; No.3-17, Begovaya Str, Mosciow; No.4-15, Varvarka Str., Moscow; No.5-17, Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow; No.6-8/2-1B, Leningradsky chaussee, Moscow; No.7-28, Pechatnikov lane, Moscow; No.8-17, Petrovsky boulevard, Moscow; No.9-7-3, Magadansky Str., Moscow and its Brach Offices in Stavropol and Eklaterinburg were liquidated without any rights to be assigned. Iniurcolleguia, Attorneys-at-Law, shall not be responsible for the activities of any legal firms using the name of “Iniurcolleguia”.









There are now over 50 lawyers in our firm. Iniurcolleguia has a branch office in St. Petersburg. Our stable and long-lasting international contacts with foreign law firms in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, Africa make it possible for us to represent the interests of our clients in any part of the world and on a wide scale of issues.

Iniurcolleguia, Attorneys-at-Law, provides a broad scale legal services to natural and legal entities.

Activities of Iniurcolleguia’s lawyers are aimed at individual approach to our clients’ needs in combination with rapid and effectual legal assistance.


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