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We are in practice since 1937.

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Tel: (495) 629-30-52 Tel: (495) 629-29-48


Succession cases

Succession cases

Succession cases are traditional for our firm from the very moment it was established. Over five thousand persons approach us with such problems annually and we offer them a complete list of services in connection with inheritances opened both abroad in favour of Russian nationals and on the territory of the Russian Federation. Iniurcolleguia renders the following services in succession case:
- Competent legal advice, including complicated succession cases;
- Legal advice on succession laws of foreign countries;
- Legal assistance in documenting succession rights, registration of a heirs right to the real property;
- Acting for a heir in court in succession disputes (restoring of the legal term for accepting an inheritance, omitted by a heir, invalidating a last will and testament, disputes on division of a succession etc.);
- Assistance is realization of succession;
- Other issues.

We conduct genealogical researches, searches for burial places and archival documents, searches for heirs and relatives on the territory of the Russian Federation. Potential heirs are provided with required legal assistance to protect their legal rights and interests in successions opened in any country all over the world. More than once our firm acted for the State in a number of important cases.


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