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We are in practice since 1937.

Succession cases
Maritime cases
Matrimonial matters
Legal assistance and notarization of real property bargains, including those made abroad
Arrangement and legal support of corporate business in Russia
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Tel: (495) 629-30-52 Tel: (495) 629-29-48




Commercial Litigation and arbitration. Iniurcolleguia responds to all litigation needs that the company or individual proprietor may have and deals with all types of disputes, including commodity, construction, maritime, transportation, the protection of intellectual property rights, professional liability, employment, shareholders disputes involving both court of justice work and arbitration courts in Russian Federation. We also handle fraud, negligence and breach of duty claims.

Our lawyers lay special emphasis on disputes relating to all aspects of international trade and maritime and insurance matters in international arbitration, particularly, in Moscow, New York, London, Geneva and Stockholm.

The clients are assisted in examining the risks, benefits and costs of litigation and on reviewing other means of dispute resolution. We advise on the procedural, jurisdictional and strategic issues encountered in a lawsuit.


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